Bowen Therapy

In only 3 sessions of Bowen Therapy, you can be relieved of most annoying or chronic health problems

Considering it's gentleness and simplicity, Bowen Therapy is amazingly effective against practically any health problem. The average number of treatments needed to overcome most issues is three, although some more deep-rooted problems may require more. Compare this to almost any other natural therapy and you can see what a wonderful legacy Mr Tom Bowen left us. Bowen is good for every body.

Whether you have joint or muscular aches & pains or something more systemic like arthritis, Bowen Therapy can help. In fact, Bowen can help with many diverse conditions such as headache & migraine, period pain & irregularity, digestive and respiratory issues just to name a few.

During a session, Stewart performs a series of rolling movements over various muscles, tendons and nerves. These moves are made in small groups, with a two minute wait between each group. The moves are usually made with the fingers or thumbs but one or two of the deeper moves are made with the elbow. Having said that, a Bowen Treatment is very gentle and can be performed on anyone from babies to the elderly. In fact, I performed Bowen on my youngest son when he was less than a minute old. He was delivered as a full breech baby and I was concerned about his breathing and his hips. I'm happy to say that these haven't been a problem to him since.

Many people who have body scans, such as X-ray or MRI, don't understand the implications of the report and doctors aren't good at explaining what is going on for you. If this is your experience, bring in your scan report to Stewart and he can give you a plain English explanation of the report and suggest a treatment plan to help overcome your pain or discomfort.

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Stewart also runs a very successful course to help you get rid of ectopic heartbeats. You can check it out HERE

Bowen Therapy

An excellent remedial therapy for all your aches and pains. It can also be very relaxing.

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A great modality for fixing your aches & pains and getting your head in the right place.

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Many of our clients leave and tell their friends "You gotta try these guys".

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