Great Massage

If you're looking for massage in Hervey Bay, look no further

We reckon that we offer the best Massage in Hervey Bay. No short cuts - if you pay for an hour, you get an hour. We work hard to give you what you want. That's our philosophy.

We currently have four enthusiastic massage therapists ready & willing to take care of your every need. Whether you are looking for pampering or something more remedial to get into those muscular knots and tensions, we have a therapist to suit you. Our massage therapists have over twenty five years of experience behind them and past clients speak highly of them. Experience a massage at Breathe Easy Therapies and your body will love you forever.

Are you tired of "formula massage"? You explain your problems but end up getting the same massage as last time and the time before. Our point of difference is that we actually take time to listen to what is going on for you and together we come up with a treatment plan. Then we do what we said we would, using tried and tested techniques that get the job done.

Have you had massages before that wear off all too soon? Susan's unique remedial massage combined with elements of kinesiology is gentle and relaxing with just the right amount of pressure to suit you. Your tender and sore muscles are relaxed and healed using traditional massage, acupressure and emotional release points so that the effects of the massage last so much longer. Those sore muscles that have been nagging at you for months are fixed and don't tend to come back. That's the heart of this technique. Feel-good massage and relief that lasts.

Stewart has taken the best of many types of massage and has blended them together to form his very own style. Whether it's relaxation or remedial massage you want, Stewart has the moves! When Claudia, a German tourist came out of her session with Stewart, she told her husband that it was the best massage she had ever had. In fact, she was so enthusiastic about her treatment that she convinced him to have a treatment of his own.

Stewart Also offers the best of the feel-good and tension-busting techniques that massage can give and mixes in Bowen Therapy at the end to give you a treatment that lasts. People who try it always seem to come back for more.

Alison also offers kinesiology and masage and is our doTERRA Essential Oil specialist. She has a passion for AromaTouch Technique (ATT), which creates overall systemic effects by targeting stress areas, immune system, inflammation, and helps create homeostasis (body balance). The process involves layering a series of doTERRA essential oils along the spine and feet. The whole ATT is totally soothing and relaxing, and is great to help relieve pain, and reduce toxin overload.

Don't settle for a massage that just takes the edge off your pain, come to Breathe Easy Therapies and get started on fixing the problem.

Bowen Therapy

An excellent remedial therapy for all your aches and pains. It can also be very relaxing.

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A great modality for fixing your aches & pains and getting your head in the right place.

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Many of our clients leave and tell their friends "You gotta try these guys".

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