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Unique Weight Loss Program

GNLD GR2 Weight Loss ProgramOften people who have tried dieting in the past have found instead of losing weight, they actually gain it.

Weight Loss is about so much more than simply reducing the food that you put in your mouth. Using Kinesiology we can address issues of low self-esteem, comfort eating, food cravings, poor utilisation of nutrients in the digestive system, lack of motivation, sabotage programs and chemical imbalances within the body.

The hypothalamus is a part of the brain that controls homeostasis within the body. One of the functions of this important part of the brain is to keep your body the same as it’s always been – even if this is an unhealthy or unbalanced state. If you have been the same weight for many years, your hypothalamus is probably working against your every effort to lose weight. Using Kinesiology, we can adjust this set-point to a create a healthier you.

GNLD GR2 ProductsCombining the benefits of Kinesiology with GNLD’s unique GR ² Control Program gives you magnified benefits as you win the battle to lose weight. The GR ² Control Program provides you with natural healthy supplements to aid in increasing metabolic rate and reduce food cravings. The fibre capsules help keep your digestive system moving as it may become sluggish due to changes in your diet. Fibre is also great for bonding with excess fat or sugar. The shakes are a convenient and scientifically balanced meal to help you keep your energy levels up all day, with out the hassle of calculating every ingredient of every meal. Combining this with the latest research on Glycemic loads of particular foods, the program helps you change your food choices for better.

This will be the last weight loss program you ever do!

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