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Stress? Isn't life always stressful?

Stressed ManIt's true many of us lead such busy lives, with so many responsibilities and commitments it's no wonder we feel stressed. Sometimes we look after ourselves and take time out: a weekend's camping, a relaxing massage, or even a stroll on the beach. Trouble is, often it's too little too late. You probably know what you really need is to make some significant lifestyle changes. But where do you start?

What is stress anyway ?

Stress is our body's response to a situation or circumstance that causes us to change or adapt more than we feel comfortable. It's not always a bad thing. Stress occurs as a primitive response to keep you safe. Yes it's the old fight or flight story. (If you saw a big scary animal, stress would help you run very fast or fight with all your might!) These days it probably wont be a physical threat that throws your body into a stress response. Usually it's our boss, or our kids, or our important relationships (or sometimes it's what eat or drink). Our biggest problem arises when we completely ignore the stress signs our body gives us and we keep on pushing our bodies beyond what they can cope with. Sure you can burn the candle at both ends for a while ... but at some point you need to say "enough". It is unrealistic to expect yourself to just change and be healthy in all aspects of your life. If you could "just change" then you wouldn't be reading this. In fact, even good change produces stress.

Find your individual healing solution

Relief from stress is a major part of the Kinesiologist’s field and is one of Susan’s favourite areas. Using muscle testing, we can identify the biggest cause of stress in your life.
Is it your lack of exercise? fresh air? good food? good feelings?
Maybe it's too much of something else?
This is an opportunity for you to tap into your intuition - your innate knowledge.
The beauty of the muscle test is that it provides you with a way to find what's the most important healing or change you need and what kinds of support you need to maintain these changes so that you don't just slip back into the old bad habit.

Many of my clients have said they already knew what they had to do, they just needed the confirmation or the encouragement and support to make those changes.

Case Study

One client, a 36 year old woman who was constantly feeling nauseous, knew she had to make changes in her relationships. In the first treatment she said "I could never tell my husband how I really felt !" Her lack of honesty with her husband was probably the key to her nausea and her stress, but it's important that the client always feels it is safe to change. So I gave her the space to change what was reasonable to her.

At the second treatment she had had some relief from the nausea but not enough. This time the muscle testing kept identifying her relationship with her teenage son as the biggest issue. Again she needed to be more honest about her feelings. She was quite willing to change this relationship and after the healing left prepared to give it a go.

At her third and final appointment the nausea had all but disappeared. She was able to identify the specific stressful situation that brought the nausea on, and she reported how she calmed herself down and reduced the nausea. This time we dealt with her relationship with her boss. You guessed it - she had been constantly covering up her true feelings at the way he treated her. She didn't want to create conflict or be unloyal to him by changing jobs. Her healing included that she simply imagine what the perfect job would be like.

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut or just can't seem to focus on what it is we really want. The lady in the above example was so busy being the wife, mother and worker she thought she ought to be, she'd forgotten to dream, to even see that things could be different. When she acknowledged her own real feelings, she was able to bring about change in her life - and get rid of the nausea for good!

The way we view our world has such a powerful influence on our day to day living. It is so easy to get stuck on a negative train of thought or behaviour without realising the disastrous effects that it can have on our whole being.

Where in your life is stress pointing to a change?

Imagine feeling completely capable and willing to bring about that change.

Contact Susan now and receive the healing and support you need to begin creating your perfect life.



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