Ask anyone who has experienced a kinesiology ‘balance’ and you will undoubtedly get a "wow" response.

There are many reasons to choose Kinesiology. It is an effective method of healing for just about any pain or stress you have. Though many people try kinesiology out of curiosity or as a last resort (nothing else has worked so I may as well try this), we would encourage you to become better informed so that you may make the right choice for you.

Kinesiology looks at the person as a whole - not just your presenting symptoms, but everything about you that brings you to the here and now today. It will not supply you with a quick fix. There probably won't be one simple thing to do and all your troubles will be solved. It will challenge you at a personal level.

Imagine your story is a jig-saw puzzle. There are pieces of the puzzle missing or else you wouldn't be here searching for healing. Using muscle-testing we identify the significant players and events, your feelings and responses that have led you to this place of pain. We look for patterns and repetitions to help make sense of 'the puzzle' - your life. Armed with this information we provide amazing healing and support.

Allow 90 minutes for your first consultation. This includes time for you to tell your story. Ever been to a practitioner who just didn’t listen? Not here! Your story is vital information. Subsequent consults are generally 60 minutes duration.

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Bowen Therapy

An excellent remedial therapy for all your aches and pains. It can also be very relaxing.

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A great modality for fixing your aches & pains and getting your head in the right place.

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Many of our clients leave and tell their friends "You gotta try these guys".

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