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Why should You choose GLND Nutritional Products?
After all, the supermarket shelves are just overflowing with cheap vitamins and minerals. Surely fish oil is fish oil. Isn't it?

Well, no it isn't and neither is vitamin C or indeed a host of other supplements. Over on the right, you can see the current commercial manufacture method for Vitamin C. Compare this to GNLD, who extract Vitamin C drectly from food that you would normally eat.

When GNLD say "Based in Nature, Backed by science" What they mean is their products are made from real food, not in an industrial reactor with chemicals like acetone or potassium permanganate.

GNLD supplements are also stringently designed and tested for efficacy (that they will do the job intended), for maximum absorbability and for any toxins that may be present, for example, heavy metals in the fish they use for Salmon Oil Plus.

But don't just take it from me, watch the following videos and make up your own mind.

    Synthetic manufacture of Vitamin C

  • Hydrogenation of D-glucose to D-sorbitol, an organic reaction with nickel as a catalyst under high temperature and high pressure.
  • Microbial oxidation or fermentation of sorbitol to L-sorbose with acetobacter [1] at pH 4-6 and 30 C.
  • Protection of the 4 hydroxyl groups in sorbose by formation of the acetal with acetone and an acid to Diacetone-L-sorbose (2,3:4,6-Diisopropyliden-a-L-sorbose)
  • Organic oxidation with potassium permanganate followed by heating with water gives the 2-Keto-L-gulonic acid
  • The final step is a ring-closing step or gamma lactonization with removal of water

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Why Nutritional Support?

Sometimes you will need to support your diet with nutritional supplements. It is well known that our soils are getting more and more depleted of essential nutrients, that our foods are often harvested before they are ripe, and then we have the storing, processing and cooking that further reduces the quality of what we are eating.

We also need to be honest about the typical Australian diet. We are encouraged to eat more wholegrains, 7 serves of fruit & veges, and less processed foods. In our busy lifestyles of today, healthy food choices on a daily basis can be tough.

Many supplements available on the market are of low quality and how do you know what is the right supplement for you??

"Vitamins and Supplements—What do you need, and who can you trust?

GNLD realizes that for every person who wants to feel better and live a healthy life, questions come to mind as they stand before the wall of supplements at the local store. What should I be taking? Which product is the best? Fact is, you can get lost in a world of promises and labels that don’t deliver what your body really needs. Nutrition has come a long way and for nearly 50 years, GNLD has established a reputation for setting the highest standard."

Stewart and Susan Gatenby are independent distributers for GNLD International.

We have been using these supplements since 2001 and joined as distributers after being introduced to these high quality supplements. It took some time for us to be convinced. Susan recalls: "I'd been using GNLD supplements in my work with kinesiology. It was easy to see the bodies negative response to lower quality products through the muscle testing.

Our Story
I knew the GNLD products were great, but didn't seem to be able to convince Stewart of the need for supplementation. Stewart's family history is that of heart problems and it was something he took quite seriously. Then one day someone suggested to me that this was the best life insurance policy he could take out for his kids. You know that really got me thinking. We do pay for life insurance - but what's it worth when you stack it up against my children being without their dad.

I shared this with Stewart and with this logic he was willing to give it a go. Ironically he had just been for a check up at our local GP. His Cholesterol levels came back high and the doctor was concerned. He wanted Stewart to go immediately on a Cholesterol lowering drug. Stewart refused and told him he would use a combination of supplements to bring the levels down.

It was 9 months before Stewart returned to the Dr. This time his results were within the normal range - without the use of drugs! It's important for us that what we offer our clients in our clinic is not just of the highest standards - but is scientifically shown to work.

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We are always happy to listen to your story and help you make the best selection for your health ... in fact that's what GNLD is all about. We guarantee you will always recieve personalised service from us and we are very prompt with answering your queries.

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