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Sunday 7th August 2016 - The Progesterone-Hyperventilation Connection

I get quite a number of enquiries about the links between diet/stress/menstrual cycle and ectopic heartbeat. Sections in the program cover these areas quite comprehensively, but the section that will benefit from further explanation is the link between various stages of the menstrual cycle and increased ectopic activity. This is an area of great concern for some women and I hope to shed some light on the cause and effect that fluctuating hormone levels can have on your ectopic beats.

As I spend a lot of time answering the same email questions, I have decided to start writing detailed reports on particular issues surrounding ectopic heartbeat, which I will email out to those who are interested. You can get your FREE copy of the report by emailing me on the link below.

Contact me for your free report on the Progesterone-Hyperventilation Connection

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