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Testimonials From People Who Got Rid
Of Their Ectopic Heartbeat
With The Breathe Easy Program

These testimonials were written by people just like you. When they first visited this site, they had an ectopic heartbeat similar to you and they have overcome it using the Breathe Easy Program.

Please take time to read through each one and feel confident that this program can help you too.

Tania had a great result with the program ....

"I had suffered with ectopic heartbeats for about 2 years and they occurred more or less all day, every day, particularly after eating, bending or lying down, or when I was tired (which was often as I suffered with Chronic Fatigue). Each episode would last for up to 3 hours, with only short periods of relief before the next episode. Following a 24 hour heart monitor tape, it was explained that each extra beat was lasting for 15 seconds, which was why I was in so much distress with the fluttering in my chest, throbbing in my stomach, up my neck and a pressure up to my head. I was left feeling very dizzy, breathless, faint and often sick. So as you can imagine my life was unbearable, I never went out, I couldnít work and the doctors basically said there was no help, it wasnít life threatening and I had to live with it. I had tried Propanalol (beta-blocker) taking the highest dose 4 times a day and they did not help in any way.

My ectopics were caused by too many pain killers and anti-depressants for nerve damage following a nasty accident. However when I started to learn from ĎThe Breathe Easy Programí I realised that I had created the problem way before this Ďfinal nail in the coffiní so to speak. I had had several operations on my nose about 5 years before and following this had never been able to breathe properly, particularly at night.

I canít thank Stewart enough for creating ĎThe Breathe Easy Programí, I will be eternally grateful for how it has changed my life. The program has educated me, in understanding the damage which had been caused because I hadnít been breathing properly; it was very clear that my breathing was also one of the main culprits for the chronic fatigue.

The program isnít just a course to follow it is a lifestyle. So whilst it has been a challenge it has made such a difference. I now hardly ever experience the ectopics and when I do I can guarantee it is because I havenít been breathing properly. The changes didnít happen over night but I can definitely say that after the first week of following the program I could notice a significant difference. It is so important though to complete the program and continue with it for life, donít just stop as soon as you think you are better, it is a new way of life, giving you much better quality of life. You will be preventing other problems building up in the future and you will have got your life back again. Thank you once again Stewart for giving me my life back! "

Tania Ferries, UK, 29 May 2012

Read about how Aaron took back his life....

"For as long as I can remember I have experienced atrial ectopic beats. Usually they occurred a few times a week. Last year they began to worsen, to the point where I was having thousands a day. I consulted my GP and had countless ECG's and blood tests, along with an exercise stress test and an echocardiogram. One day the ectopic beats were so frequent I ended up in the emergency ward, worried sick that I was going to die. All the doctors and specialists I encountered told me to accept the situation and try to move on with life.

I found this difficult. My personal relationships, work, study and health were suffering badly. I trawled the internet for anything that might work and tried a plethora of supplements and herbal remedies to no avail. I found the Breathe Easy program, and although admittedly skeptical, I had nothing to lose and decided to give it a try.

The program itself is easy to work through with all instructions clearly written. Within a day I had commenced the program and started working through the modules in the prescribed order. All it required from me was twenty minutes of my time every day. After two weeks I began to notice that my ectopic beats were occurring with less frequency. Inside a month I was going days without one. I have now finished the program and I'm glad to say that my ectopic beats are almost non-existent.

My personal relationships have improved, I'm almost finished my degree at university and I'm back to being the fit 28 year old I should be."

Aaron Cusack, 5 September 2008

See how Partick overcame his symptoms....

"Hi Stewart,
I have used your techniques along with acupuncture and the Alexander technique. The Alexander teacher showed me all the tensions in my back and ribs due to stress. I could not "breathe" properly. I went to a heart specialist also and got all the tests done. This showed my heart to be in good condition. I also started to exercise more and feel much better. The Ectopic beats as the Doc calls them have dramatically reduced and some days I don't get any. I used to get them every 20 secs! I am very aware of my breathing patterns now particularly in stressful situations.

I found your course easy to understand but some days I found the routine too disciplined and was jumping ahead. (Fair comment Patrick. I have recently revised and updated the program. Stewart)

Thank you for your help. Please contact me any time. Again many thanks for your help and I wish you well. Your course gave me hope also which helped a lot as I felt I was in control and doing something about it."

Best Regards
Patrick McNamee, 11 September 2008

Kerrin had a great result with Bowen Therapy and the breathing program

"Dear Stewart,
When I first walked into your clinic my whole rib cage was like a steel trap and my neck was locked and I was in considerable pain.

For months I had suffered a chronic cough which had caused me to have very little sleep and I felt totally depleted. Doctors had done nothing and even chiropractic had given no relief as it had in the past .

I had no idea how powerful your treatment would be. With your expertise in reading my body's needs I felt my muscles release and relax and the tension fall away.

Most important, you taught me to breathe in a way that has assisted me everyday since for which I an truly grateful.

After treatment I had my first full night's sleep. The tightness in my back and neck had released and I felt better within myself. Thank you. I am extremely grateful. "

Yours faithfully
Kerrin Pacey, 24 October 2008

Deborah couldn't believe how well the program would work for her.

"Hi Stewart

Before I started the programme I used to have rapid heartbeat and ectopic runs frequently. I went to hospital A&E 3 times over about a 5 year period, twice with ectopics and once with a rapid heartbeat. I consulted a cardiologist privately who put me on a 48hr monitor and confirmed that I was having ectopics. He also did a scan of my heart and found it to be structurally healthy and advised increasing my Propranolol (beta-blocker) when the heartbeat was playing up. He advised it would probably get worse as I approached the menopause...hmm something to look forward to then!!

It affected me in various ways. If I was tired it would happen, if I’d had some busy days, even if I laughed too much (which I thought bizarre). Over the course of some years I stopped drinking alcohol (I only ever drank the odd glass anyway) and taking anything with caffeine in it and I’d started to take the medication out with me in each of my bags whenever I went out. I'd be worried when we would go away that I’d have a bad episode and even though I could exercise ok, the ectopics would happen then also.

Whilst I was happy and relieved that nothing was essentially wrong with my heart, it didn't make the symptoms go away and I was unhappy about having to increase the medication. It was at this point when the ectopics were getting quite intrusive on a daily basis that I decided I wasn't just going to keep accepting it and started to investigate ways in which I may be able to deal with it and that is when I came across your Breath Easy Programme.

At first the relaxing for 20 min a day was VERY difficult … without thinking of the usual day to day issues. I still don't find it as easy as I know some do although much, much easier than when I started. Twice whilst doing the relaxation I have had the most fantastic feeling of just floating and feeling completely serene, hopefully after a time I shall feel that more and more.

For me the breathing exercises in the beginning was uncomfortable as you suggest it may be, but again with practice I successfully managed it and was surprised at how easy it became.

The programme is fantastic....I wouldn't have believed that most of the problems I had were all to do with how I was breathing but it's proven to be true ( I now moan at everyone about their breathing) . I hardly ever have ectopics now and if I do its one odd one not a whole run for 30 min +.

If I’ve had a couple in a few days then I will do the breathing exercises again for a week or so and I’m back on track. I definitely have more energy and am much less tired and even if I am tired it's not the feeling of exhaustion that I used to have before the course. I can now exercise without ectopics, and before if I used to have a late night (as in being home at 2 or 3am, party, dancing) I then wouldn't be able to sleep for hours because my heart would just be racing away, that hasn't happened at all...I can go to bed at 2am and go to sleep!!

My husband thinks it's been incredible as well that I’ve had this for years alongside tests and tablets and nothing has worked until now. If I have a glass of wine my heartbeat may race but it won't be for as long as it used to be.

To conclude I would advise anybody with any of the problems I’ve had to download this course. I would suggest taking your time and not trying to rush through and then hopefully reaping the benefits.

Much Regards

Deborah Buckingham-Jones, 12 May 2009

Cheryl thought herself lucky she found the BreatheEasy site.

Hi Stewart,

When I first started the programme I was desperate - The ectopic heartbeats were sending me crazy. I had spent hours on the net researching everything from the food you ate, to the drinks, medication -  I tried everything .

Lucky for me the breatheeasy site came up and the rest is history. I could not believe what I was reading was exactly me, same story, same symptoms. So I thought, nothing to lose, give it a try.

My health at that stage was terrible. I was not sleeping, constantly worried .The specialist told me, don’t worry live with it ----yeah great !!!

I stopped a lot of my usual exercises and honestly the ectopic beats really put a damper on my life. I was very stressed and really needed help.

After 3 months of the exercises my life returned to normal and it feels so good. I now know the symptoms of stress and how to alleviate the problem.

I know the foods I can and cannot tolerate. I feel so much healthier overall. Sometimes the symptoms return slightly so its back to the books and exercises again, and I usually know what has triggered it.

Finally Stewart, thankyou for giving me my life back, teaching me about stress, appreciating what you have, learning not to worry about things that don't need worrying about and finally to enjoy every moment of your life .

If you feel like walking ...go ......the floors can be washed tomorrow

To anyone reading this ...give it a go works .....You have nothing to lose ...lots to gain

Thanks Stewart ............

Cheryl ...Vic


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